Kids 1st Swim School

Kids 1st Policies


Due on the 1st of each month. The lessons are to be paid (1) Month in advance. If you decide to end lessons we require a one week notice.

You are welcome to pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Disover.

We require a credit card on account for any outstanding balance that may be due upon completion of lessons.

First payment is required over the phone and is non refundable. First payment requires first month and registration. This payment is due at the time of scheduling.

Missed Lessons:

The fees remain the same for the month, even if you miss a lesson. If you call to let us know you will not be at the lesson for any reason, the fee is still the same. We Do Not Deduct for any Missed Lesson. When we have the opportunity you will be invited to do a make-up. Make-ups are NOT GUARANTEED. We will call you to do a make-up when we have the time but you also have to work with us and be flexible with the times. We will contact you a fair number of times to schedule a make up lesson.

The make-up may not be done right away due to our schedule, but we do keep a list of clients that are waiting. If a make-up is scheduled and you fail to show or give 24hour notice that you can’t attend, we consider the make-up as completed.
Make-ups are done in the following order:
1st – Lessons were cancelled by the instructor due to bad weather conditions.
2nd – The Instructor had to cancel due to illness or family emergency.
3RD – The student was sick.
4TH – Those on vacation or any other non medical reason.

Sick Children:

Please DO NOT bring your child to swim lessons if they are sick! We will work with you to schedule a make up for the lesson. We do not want to risk getting the Instructor or other children sick.

The following list describes the type of illnesses we are concerned about:
Contact your Pediatrician when in doubt!


If you want us to hold your spot and not fill it with a new student, the fee must be paid in full prior to the vacation. The same policy for make-ups applies. If you do not wish to pay to hold the spot, we will take you off the schedule. When you return you will be placed back on the waiting list for the first available opening. We cannot guarantee that you will get the same time and or days.

Bad Weather Policy:

We will call you immediately if we determine that lessons should be cancelled due to bad weather. If we see lightning or start to feel uncomfortable with the weather, we will call you to cancel. Please be sure we have your cell number so we can reach you if you are on your way. We have no problem doing a lesson in a light rain. Please keep in mind that this is Florida and the weather may be bad at your house and just fine here. If you decide you do not want to come because it is raining at your house and we are in the pool conducting lessons, we will consider the cancellation a NO-SHOW. When in doubt you should call and if there is no answer, we are in the pool. If we have to cancel a lesson due to bad weather, we will make other arrangements for the lessons.

Swim Diapers:

We require all children that are not potty trained to wear the reusable swim diapers. You can purchase them online or anywhere children’s swimwear is sold.

Late Arrivals:

Please be on time! If you are late we will shorten your child’s lesson. This is only fair to those after you. You should arrive at least 10 minutes early to allow time to dress them and for the use of the bathroom. Lessons do not start when they get in the water but when the time allotted for your child’s lesson has begun. If you are having trouble getting here on time, consider changing the lesson time if available.

Restroom Privileges:

Children are to be accompanied by an adult at all times while in the restroom. If older kids are using the restroom, there can only be one at a time. Please dry off the children prior to entering the restroom and if any water should get on the floor, please wipe it up with your towel. Do not use the shower, let the children go through the drawers and cabinets, hang on towel racks or break anything. Do not put diapers in the trash can in the bathroom. Use the trash can on porch. We appreciate you supervising your children.

Waiting for a lesson:

While waiting for your lesson, you are welcome to watch, read a book etc. Please do not allow your child to sit on the pool steps, run around the pool or distract the child having a lesson or the instructor. This is time to prepare them for their lesson.

After the Lesson:

If you allow your child to have lollypops, we offer small lollypops for your child after their lesson. It is your responsibility to monitor them while eating the lollypop and you assume all liability for them to have the lollypop. If you do not want your child to have a lollypop, please bring a reward that you approve of.

Swim Season:

When signing up for lessons late in the season, please keep in mind that some of the instructors do not conduct lessons during the months of December, January & February due to the weather.

The Palm Beach Gardens locations try to go year round (weather permitting). Our traveling instructors can come to your pool year round if it is heated during the winter months.


As a courtesy to the instructors, we do not give out their telephone numbers. It is up to each Instructor whether to give out their number. If you need assistance, please call the office at 561-575-SWIM.

It is our desire that your child learn the skills they will need while in and around water. This is a learning experience for both the child and the parents. While the child is learning how to swim, float, roll and float and more advanced skills, we will also be working with you, the primary caregivers. While learning to swim is an important step in prevention, there are many more steps that need to be taken.

Kids 1st Swim School, LLC is a member of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance ( Please join us in educating our community on the importance of Drowning Prevention.

Drowning Statistics:

*In the state of Florida, drowning is THE leading cause of death in children under 5 years of age.
*For every child who drowns, 4 children are admitted for near drowning and 14 are seen and discharged in the E.R.
*77% of children had been seen five minutes or less before being missed and subsequently found in the pool.


Any photos taken by Kids 1st Swim School, LLC are the property of Kids 1st Swim School and may be used on their website or Facebook page. At no time will your child’s name be included on a photo.